My Comfort Zone

When thinking of a “comfort zone”, I usually think of a persons safe place, both emotionally and physically. For me, this is America, specifically Trinity, Seattle, and other places I am familiar with. Places that I know, with people that I now. Coming to Barcelona has changed that. While initially everything was new and scary, I feel like I have fully immersed myself into the city. Having met new people and seen new things, I feel like this city is my second home. My biggest reservations before arriving were the public transportation, living with a host family, not knowing anybody (besides 2 people), and the language barrier. Looking back, there was nothing to ever be scared of. This experience, so far, has changed and transformed my comfort zone forever. I now feel confident that I could go to any city knowing only a few people and eventually thrive there.

On the other hand, I think that I could have come to Barcelona and stayed within my comfort zone. It is easy to slip into the American way abroad, by going to American restaurants, bars, etc. It was important to me to come here and do things the “Spanish” way. Without having done so, I am sure my comfort zone would stay relatively the same.

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