Reverse Culture Shock

As the time to go home is approaching, I have been thinking a lot about how I will feel when I return home and what I will miss most about Barcelona. I think the transition form a big city to a small island is going to be very hard. Here in Barcelona, essentially everything you could ever want to do is at your fingertips. There is so much going on, so many different people, different languages, places to go, sites to see. Everything is new. I am going to miss the everyday surprise that I encounter in Barcelona, whether it is food, places or people. Not hearing Spanish and Catalan all day everyday will also be shocking. Saying “hi” instead of “hola” and “bye” instead of “adios”. These are the little things that will take time to adjust to. Returning back to the states, I will also have to readjust to a normal eating schedule. Lunch at 12 instead of 3, dinner at 7 instead of 9. It will all be a bit of a shock at first! Although I may readjust to normal life in the states as time goes by, I will always miss my life here in Barcelona, and will one day return and go back to a Spanish lifestyle!!

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