Adding a Timestamp to Your iMovie File

Looking to add timestamp information to your iMovie file? Luckily, the iMovie creators have made it fairly simple to include such information on film clips, so that you or your viewers are aware of footage dates and times.  This may be particularly beneficial for documentaries or other movies where date and time are of importance.

If you want the date and time to be visible to film editors only, and therefore not on the final movie, you will have to follow these steps:

1. On the top bar, click View, and then Playhead Info.2. After clicking Playhead Info, scroll over the clip in the Project Library.  You should see the appropriate date and time information displayed above the clip in a black box.

The above steps will not make the date and time of the footage visible to movie viewers. If you would like that information public, follow these steps:

1. Click the Titles Button (shortcut Command-3) on the bottom half of the screen. It is located on the right-hand side, by the Event Library box.

2. About half-way down in the Title Browser, select the Date/Time title, and drag it over a clip in the Project Library. The clip should turn blue. However, if you don’t want the date and time over the entire clip, drag the Date/Time title to the beginning or end of the clip. This will add the timestamp information to just a portion of the clip.

If the time and date information is incorrect, there is no reason to worry, as iMovie has made it very simple to change the timestamp information displayed.  If your information is incorrect, follow these steps:

1. Select the clip in the Event Browser.

2. Go to File, and then Adjust Clip Date and Time. This will not work if you select a clip in the Project Library.

2. A box will open in which the timestamp information can be changed. You may now insert the proper information.

So there you have it. Adding timestamp information into an iMovie film is both quick and easy, and can prove rather useful for documentaries. If you have any questions about iMovie timestamps, feel free to contact the STA office at

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