Trinity Banter has been upgraded!

The Trinity Banter WordPress instance has been upgraded to WordPress version 3.5.1.

Most plugins and themes have been updated as well.  If you notice any issue or problems please contact

WordPress Basics QuickStart Guide

There is a new QuickStart Guide on how to create a simple WordPress Page/Post! Click the following link to check it out:  QuickStart guide for WordPress

Useful Plugins available on Trinity Banter

Trinity Banter has a wide variety of plugins that you can use on your blog ranging from sharing plugins to Google Analytics. Some of the top Plugins include:

Google Analyticator

The Plugin adds the necessary code to use Google Anayltics, which is a solution provided by Google to monitor traffic on your website or . . . → Read More: Useful Plugins available on Trinity Banter

Embedding Youtube Videos into WordPress Posts

Video embedding is a beneficial and sometimes critical component of web publishing. Videos not only enhance an otherwise potentially dry post, but they can also help simplify a complex process in a way that text alone simply cannot.

Although videos can be displayed within a blog post/page in a variety of ways (i.e. direct . . . → Read More: Embedding Youtube Videos into WordPress Posts

Google Analytics on WordPress

“Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and . . . → Read More: Google Analytics on WordPress

Formidable Forms: Creating Interactive Forms in WordPress

WordPress now has the added functionality of incorporating forms within your individual posts or pages. These forms are simple to use, yet offer enough functionality to create a detailed and comprehensive form for any of your needs. This blog post will guide you through the steps necessary to create a new form.

To begin, . . . → Read More: Formidable Forms: Creating Interactive Forms in WordPress

Creating Webpages in WordPress

Although at first glance WordPress may seem like little more than a blogging platform, the reality is that wordpress is an extremely versatile content management system. In fact, it is possible to create webpages using wordpress! This blog post will highlight the necessary steps to converting your “blog” into a functional and aesthetically pleasing . . . → Read More: Creating Webpages in WordPress

Welcome to WordPress!

Welcome to WordPress! As part of an ongoing effort to improve the college’s blogging capabilities, we have decided to switch into WordPress from Movable Type. This change, although minor in appearance, will actually provide us with a wealth of positive changes that will enable us to more efficiently provide you with our services.

This . . . → Read More: Welcome to WordPress!

Create animated text

Animated texts are often used in web pages as well as PowerPoint presentations. If you would like to make interesting titles or buttons, this blog post will teach you how. Animated texts serve the purpose to diversify a visual material and make it more appealing to the reader.

Step 1) Open

Step . . . → Read More: Create animated text

Create an animated GIF image

Many times animated images are appropriate when constructing a website or a Moodle page. You may want to include some animated images that are crucial to the class material and display them online. You may also use animated images in the classroom as a teaching tool.  You can ask your students to make a . . . → Read More: Create an animated GIF image