What is the Fred?

Housed in Summit East dormitory, The Fred Pfeil Community Project offers a unique college experience for both the 60 students who live in the building and the rest of the Trinity campus. The Fred is committed to putting on alternative, non-exclusive events every Friday night, creating engaging groups based on students’ interests that are open to all, and providing a common free-space area for the entire college community. Every member is expected to participate in one of these common interest groups in addition to being a generally active presence in the community. We are looking for a group of engaged students interested in forging their own college experience while reaching out to the community at large.

Who was Fred Pfeil?

Fred Pfeil was a professor of English and Film Studies at Trinity College known for his love for life, both inside and outside the classroom, as well as his steadfast dedication to building community. Fred passed away after a long fight with cancer in 2005, and shortly thereafter a small group of students founded the Fred Pfeil Community Project, hoping to continue his legacy through the relentless pursuit of open-mindedness and intellectualism at Trinity.

Who Runs The Fred?

The Fred prides itself on its commitment to true democracy. As such, there is no one person (or group of people) in charge of the Fred. The organization does elect for itself several members to run certain day-to-day operations. For more information, please see our Positions Page.

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