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What is the Fred?
The Fred is a community dedicated to holding weekly alternative events for the Trinity community. We try to do a little something for everyone, and our events are always open to all. Feel free to stop by! For more information on the Fred itself, please check out our About page.

Where is the Fred?
The Fred is locating on the south side of campus (past LSC and MCEC) in the Summit East dormitory (the one that looks like a barn). Most of the fun happens in the common room, which takes up most of the first floor. Just walk up the steps, walk in, go down the hall and you’re there!

Is the Fred substance free?
The Fred as a dorm has the same rules and attitudes as every other dorm on campus regarding alcohol. That said, we do not serve alcohol at our events.

The Fred Community

How is the Fred run?
The Fred is a democracy, where all of the most important decisions are made either by a general vote or a committee of people who act as a voice for the entire community. We have weekly meetings, which are open to the entire campus, and other, more specific meetings as necessary. We also have elected positions, which serve to facilitate this process. For specifics on our positions, please see our positions page.

How are the positions chosen?
These positions are voted on by the community every semester. Each person can only hold a certain position for a maximum of two semesters, and everyone is allowed to run for all of the positions. We also have an RA, who is chosen by Residential Life.
For more information on specific positions, please see our positions page, and for more on the election process itself, please see our constitution.

All of this sounds great, how do I become a part of the Fred?
You do not have to live in the Fred to attend our events, meetings, or groups. However, the Fred accepts applicants every semester. We have 60 slots and accept applications from rising sophomores and up. Within our current residents, we form an application committee.  Once applications are being accepted, we plan interviews with each applicant, and, after the application committee holds a meeting, we release decisions.

Fred Events

Events every Friday night? Awesome! How do I get in?
Our Friday night events are open to the entire campus. If you’d like to come, just show up at the Fred around 9:00pm on a Friday. We’ll have something for you to do!

What’s this I hear about a comic book group/book club/cooking club?
Oh, you’re thinking of Fred Groups. Don’t let the name confuse you- each group is open to everyone at Trinity, not just Fred members! For more information check out our groups page or email our Groups Liaison and feel free to email the people in charge of each group for further details!

Getting in Touch

I’d like to get in touch with the Fred! How do I do that?
Awesome! We love to hear from other members of the Trinity community. We each have our own role here at the Fred. If nothing else, send an email to our community facilitators, who can get you in touch with the right people. Email them at thefred.trincoll@gmail.com

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