Conducting Scholarly Research in Psychology

Taylor Kennedy

The two articles I found are titled “The Effects of Spatial Contextual Familiarity on Remembered Scenes, Episodic Memory, and Imagined Future Events” and “Parallel Memory Retrieval in Dual-Task Situations: II  Episodic Memory.  Found these articles using the data bases psych info and psych articles. These data bases are some of the best and most widely used data bases in the psychology major.

I have always been really interested in psychological studies about memory. So my first keyword search was memory I then limited the search by limiting the year the articles were published. I further limited my search by excluding thesis and dissertations. I also limited the search to scholarly an peer reviewed work. I then limited the articles to English. The first search came up with a lot of results so I looked in the subject box to help further limit my search and found the subject episodic memory. I didn’t really know what it was so I googled it and was actually very interested in the topic. The search result for this particular subject had a lot less to go through and within the first two pages I found some very interesting articles.

The search process was relatively painless which was really great because research has always caused me a lot of anxiety. The only frustrations I may have is the fact that these articles are a lot harder to understand which can make it quite difficult for me to decide if the article will be of any use. I hope that will be less of a problem the more I read these kinds of articles.