Inellectual Property

1.) Authors and owners have an exclusive right to build off of the work the have created for example the can reproduce copies of their own work, make new works based off of their original and perform or publicly display their works. The Copy Right laws also protect the owners right by not allowing others to sell their work for profit or create new works based off of the authors with out permission.

2.) Fair use is when you are allowed to use small piece of other peoples work to create something new, for education purposes, news reports, comedy or parody, and criticizing or commenting. Fair use also only applies when you do not try to make a profit off of your version of someone’s work.

3.) I think that the laws can positively impact the research in my major especially since a lot of studies are based off of previous studies found. Fair use is very helpful in terms of being able to find previous works that help support your current study and research. I also think that while these laws may limit peoples research in psychology it also helps keep the integrity of the field and the people who study it.