Interview: Research and Psychology

For this assignment I interviewed Professor Laura Holt. During this interview Holt spoke about her most recent and ongoing studies. Holt ran a 5 year long study on Trinity College’s first year mentoring program. Holt was looking to see if there was a correlation between the mentor perception of themselves and the students perception of the mentor. She also did a sub study off of her main study about the characteristics of mentors and how certain characteristics can predict how effective a mentor will be at their job. Since both of those studies she is now in charge of the mentor program and get to work and implement her research to the program. Holt also spoke about the studied she has conducted before trinity or with some of her colleagues. Holt and professor Raskin ran a study on college students anxiety, depression, and alcohol. I found this study particularly interesting because i also am very interested in studies that deal with depression and anxiety. Holt also spoke on how much she loved the unknown aspect of research. She talked about how great it was that when you conduct research you can never really know the out come, you can predict them but it is always interesting to see something unexpected in your results. Holt says that it is very fascinating when you find something you were not expecting to come across. I really enjoyed speaking with professor Holt I loved hearing her take on research in psychology and her studies and enthusiam has made me much more excited about this field and what is left to discover.