empty wall

A lot is changing in the Educational Technology group this summer:

  • We’ve added a new instructional technologist, Cheryl Cape, who comes to us from many years at the University of Findlay, in Ohio.
  • Relatedly, we’ve re-organized the instructional technologists in a more discipline-friendly way: Cheryl will handle the physical and natural sciences; Sue Denning the arts and humanities, and Dave Tatem the social sciences. Anyone else should come to me with questions. We’ve done this to better align with Trinity’s own organizational structure, and to allow the instructional technologists to build up more knowledge about the specialized tools in different areas.
    You can always find your instructional technologist on this page: http://www.trincoll.edu/LITC/its/instructional/Pages/default.aspx
  • We are turning LITC 105 into a proper center for educational technology, offering tools and services that will support the work of faculty across campus. More on this later in the summer!
  • In the above picture, you see a blank wall in LITC 103, which will soon house the telepresence equipment that was used to great effect in a Wesleyan-Connecticut College-Trinity neuroscience course this past spring. We’re looking forward to supporting several Russian classes in the spring 2015 semester.

There are many other projects afoot, but these are some of the most visible changes. In the coming weeks, John Dlugosz, Cheryl, Dave, and Sue will each report on some of their work from this summer.