MonthSeptember 2014

Moodle Drop-In Hours


The above graph demonstrates vividly the start of the semester, as Moodle starts getting lots and lots of traffic all of a sudden.

This year, we’re offering two new forms of support for Moodle.

  • The Trinity College Moodle Resource Center offers guides, screenshots, and screencasts that cover the basic uses of Moodle.
  • Every Friday from 10am-noon, in the Center for Educational Technology (LITC 105), there will be Moodle drop-in hours, where people can ask questions about accomplishing pedagogical goals or even just troubleshooting a problem. There will be coffee!

Simple Audio Recordings for Student Assignments

Many faculty members have expressed interest in giving students audio assignments or in providing feedback on student work in an audio format. The technology to create these audio files can sometimes be cumbersome, depending on the tools you use, so for we’ve put together the following set of instructions that explains to students (and faculty) how to use their iPhone or standards Windows and Mac tools to make simple audio recordings.

Download (PPTX, 1.51MB)

You can direct students to this post for instructions, or distribute the following link to them (via Moodle or email).

Contact your Instructional Technologist if you want to discuss this in greater detail!