MonthSeptember 2016

TOW: The circulation desk lends more than just books!

Tip of the WeekForgot your charger? Need to secure a laptop? The circulation desk on Level A of the library has a wide range of gadgets, adapters, headphones and more.

Some of the more popular items are Chromebooks, phone chargers, presentation controllers, and headsets. Items can be borrowed on a short-term basis using your Trinity ID.

See the full list of equipment at the circulation desk and in other locations.

TOW: Audio Feedback in Moodle, with PoodLL

Tip of the Week

If you’ve noticed a blue puppy dog icon as an option in Assignments, Quizzes and Forums in Moodle, you probably didn’t realize it was an indicator for a tool that will let you give audio files as feedback. Meed PoodLL, a Moodle plugin that lets you (and students) record audio directly in Moodle, without having to go through a separate upload process.poodll-audio

PoodLL can do a lot, but perhaps one of the most helpful features is the ability to provide audio feedback to student assignments. You just need to make sure the PoodLL option is checked in the Feedback Type area of the Assignment or Quiz you’re working with in Moodle.

Image showing PoodLL feedback option checked.

Make sure “Feedback PoodLL” is checked wherever you might want to include audio feedback.

This doesn’t mean you are required to leave feedback as audio, but it gives you the option to add audio. You can still leave comments just as you always could.

When you grade assignments, you’ll see a recorder bar below the feedback box. You may have to give PoodLL permission to record sound, but for the most part, you just need to click the record button, and talk into your computer’s microphone. (Just speaking normally should give you pretty decent results.)

Click the big red button to record your audio.

Click the big red button to record your audio.

As always, the STAs are equipped to help you get started with PoodLL, and you can make an appointment with them, or drop in during their regular hours.

TOW: Never lose a password again!

Tip of the WeekWe all have a dizzying array of passwords for the Web-based tools we use: Amazon, the bank, your Twitter account, email, your newspaper subscriptions, it’s endless. The passwords we use are the keys to valuable information in our lives, yet too often we fall into bad habits like storing passwords on post-its, or recycling the same password for multiple sites.

Fortunately, several companies provide an easy solution to this problem. Password managers keep track of all of your accounts and automatically fill in your credentials when you need to login to a Web site, so that you don’t have to go hunting for that post-it note or rely on your memory! Even better, they typically sync across multiple devices, so whether you are using your office computer, or your smart phone, you can login to your accounts from anywhere.

Getting started is relatively easy and inexpensive. Password managers often allow basic use for free, but charge a fee for more features.  Dashlane and LastPass are among the industry leaders and will automatically import and capture passwords for you.

Give password managers a try and simplify your life!


TOW: Transferring and receiving large files with

Tip of the Week

We have all been there: You need to share a file with a colleague or friend but it’s over the limit for email attachments (which at Trinity is 10 megs). Maybe you have a folder of pictures you want to send someone. Sure you could attach a couple to each email and send a bunch of separate messages but there is a better way. Why not zip the folder (Windows right click -> Send To compressed (zipped) folder, OSX right click -> archive) and send it all at once?

There are many options for sharing these files including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and third party file sharing sites. But at Trinity we have a home grown solution that is very easy to use and may be your best option.

Using any member of the Trinity community can share files as large as 2 gigs with anyone whether they have a Trinity email address or not. In the other direction anyone can send files to someone at Trinity. The only catch is that these files must be picked up within 14 days or they will be deleted but that’s OK , you don’t want your files sitting around on our servers forever do you?

Dropbox.trincoll.eduDropbox drop off

To get started navigate to If you are sending a file to someone at Trinity there is no need to login.

If you want to send a file to someone without a Trinity email address you will need to login with your Trinity username and password first.

Just click Drop-off and then enter the recipient’s name and email address and upload the file.

You could also upload a text file with a list of names if you want to send it to multiple people at the same time.

The recipient of the file will receive an email with a link where they can download the file.

Sounds easy right? it is!