David Tatem, Instructional Technologist

Dave has been in Educational Technology at Trinity since 1999. He is the primary contact person for faculty members in the Social Sciences. He is the point person for 3D printing, Virtual Reality systems, and the drone program as well being the support contact for statistical software such as SPSS and STATA and also supports the use of GIS. 

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LITC 110

Recent posts by Dave:
  • ToW: New Assignment Feedback and Annotation Tool September 2017, Over the summer Moodle was upgraded to the latest release which includes a few new features. One of the more useful features is the addition of a reviewing panel  for giving feedback on assignments. When you grade an assignment that was submitted as a Word doc, PDF, or the online text option you will have ...
  • TOW: Using Qualtrics for Survey Research February 2017, There are many ways to field a survey online including free services such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey. But what if your survey requires some complex logic or you need to track participants and automate the process of sending reminders and follow up emails? Trinity College has a subscription with Qualtrics, a powerful and ...
  • TOW: Digitization Service December 2016, If you have VHS tapes, 35mm slides or overhead transparencies you use regularly we can convert them to a digital format for you. We can convert VHS tapes to MP4 files or DVD or scan 35mm slides and transparencies to a variety of image formats.
  • TOW: The STAs are here to help! October 2016, Have a question about Moodle? Not sure how to upload media for your WordPress post? Want to know more about 3D printing? Heard a rumor that we have an Oculus Rift you can use? The Student Technology Assistants are here to help faculty and students with all your educational technology needs!
  • TOW: Transferring and receiving large files with dropbox.trincoll.edu September 2016, We have all been there: You need to share a file with a colleague or friend but it’s over the limit for email attachments (which at Trinity is 10 megs). Maybe you have a folder of pictures you want to send someone. Sure you could attach a couple to each email and send a bunch ...