Student Technology Assistants





Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m from Cumberland, Maryland and this is my third year as an STA. I’m currently a junior Biochemistry major and plan on pursuing a career in medicine. Stop by the STA office with any of your questions and I will be happy to help you!



Hey, I’m Kevin, son of Daniel, and I hail from Madison, Connecticut. I’m a junior, and in my spare time I like to watch jousting matches and eat mutton. I am a neuroscience major.  I look forward to assisting you with anything I can!



Hello, my name is Chris Perkowski and I’m from Darien, Connecticut. I’m a junior majoring in English and considering a minor in Econ. I’m involved in several extracurricular activities on campus including Chapel Singers and Musical Theater. You’re welcome to stop by the STA office with any of your tech related questions. I’ll be happy to help with anything that I can.



Heric Huang

Hi, my name is Heric Huang. I am a Sophomore who is from China. I major in Economics and minor in Writing, Rhetoric, & Media Art and Studio arts. I am a huge fan of outdoor activities and am a active member of school’s Outdoors Club. Feel free to come by if you encounter any technological problems.



How’s it going? I’m Miguel Flores, I’m a freshman Sophomore here at Trinity College. I intend to major in Computer Science Sociology and minor in Japanese something. Feel free to stop by any time if you need assistance with anything tech related.



Hi! I’m Fabiana Guajardo from Monterrey, Mexico and a freshman here at Trinity! I’m planning to major in Engineering and possibly Economics. Please come by whenever you encounter any technological problem or if you need assistance! Happy to help




Nic outside 2
Hi! My name is Nic O’Loughlin. I’m a freshman here at Trinity. I’m from Cedar Falls, Iowa. I plan to major in Economics and International Studies. I’m happy to help with whatever you may need.




Hey! I’m Shahaan Engineer, and I’m from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Most people just call me Shawn. I’m a Sophomore here at Trinity College, Majoring in English with a minor in Arabic. If you have any technologically based questions, drop by LITC 105 and I’ll be happy to help.






HEY EVERYONE! My name is Anoushka Sood and I’m a freshman from Bangalore, India. I plan to major in Economics and Mathematics. I also have a background in Theatre Arts. I’m extremely excited about my job as an STA so feel free to come down to the office with any questions or doubts you may have. I will assist you the best I can!






My name is   Chris Rowe   Google*, I’m the answer to all your problems.




Hi!  i’m Travis Gubernick, from Brooklyn, New York.  Class of 2019, I’m a film studies major and possibly a minor in creative writing.  If you ever need help with anything related to technology, feel free to swing by!  And if you need help with cameras, audio, video editing, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, or Android, then PELASE swing by!  Will be more than happy to help ya out.




Hi. My name is Julian Chun. I am from Missouri. I am hoping to major in Defense against the dark arts, so that one day I can teach it here at Trinity. If you have any tech issues please come by the STA office for assistance. I also can help with small engine repair.






Assalamualaikum everyone! I’m Ahmed Eldmerdash from Cairo, Egypt, and currently a freshman here at Trinity College. Hopefully, I will be majoring in Engineering  with a minor in Psychology. I love tennis and running. I am really excited to be part of the STA team, and I will gladly assist you with any technological problems you may encounter. Please feel free to stop by our desk.



Senior Pic

Hi, I’m Tess Meagher and I’m from Brookline, NH. I am currently a freshman here at Trinity and I’m hoping to double major in History and Political Science. If you need any help with technology, please stop by the STA desk and I would be glad to help!





Hi there, I’m Ha Tran from Hanoi, Vietnam. I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Math. If you have any issues with technology, feel free to stop by the STA desk and I would be happy to assist you.





12375994_894365900658931_9057036950145945167_nHello! I’m Luka from Tbilisi, Georgia. I am a freshman at Trinity College and hoping to major in Mathematics and minor in Psychology. I am also part of the Trinity College Rugby Club. If you have any questions or need any help with technology feel free to stop by the STA desk! We are all happy to help you out.





Hey, what’s up, I’m Adam and I am the STA manager. I’m from Newburyport, Massachusetts. I am a double major in Computer Engineering and  Creative Writing. I am also part of the a cappella group, the Dischords. Feel free  to stop by the STA office and say hi. I’m most skilled with video editing and photoshop, but I’d be happy to help you with anything I can.




Hello everybody! My name is Ilya and I am a freshman at Trinity. Originally from Belarus, I graduated from UWC Adriatic, an international high school in Northern Italy. I am very excited to be a part of the STA team, and I will gladly assist you with Windows, Mac and web based applications.



YassineHello! My name is Yassine from Tunisia, class of 2048. I’m considering majoring in International Studies. I’ve worked as a journalist and in the tourism industry, and I’m passionate about soccer and technology. Please come to the Center for Education Technology if you have any questions related to Moodle, audio & video production, WordPress, Photoshop or any media related requests!


Hello, Im Takuto Wada from San Jose, California. I was born in Tokyo, Japan but moved here when I was 10.  I am a second year Electrical Engineering major. I like to exercise in my spare time. I am part of Men’s Ice Hockey Club here at Trinity. I will be happy to help with you with anything I can. Thanks.



Hello! My name is Weixi Zhang . I am from China. I am a sophomore major in Computer Science and Studio Arts. I am glad to be a part of the STA team. I am glad to be a part of the STA team. I will be glad to help you with any technology questions.