Monday, December 11, 2017
Summit Bicentennial Plan Aims to Involve Students

Summit Bicentennial Plan Aims to Involve Students



The Strategic Initiatives for Trinity’s Summit Bicentennial plan have at their core a focus on relevant liberal arts education, Trinity as a first-choice school, and an emphasis on experiential learning, particularly regarding experiences in Hartford. The Tripod sat down with Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science Sonia Cardenas to discuss what the plan means for students. Although some students have expressed concerns about the plan seeming too broad or ambiguous, Cardenas says the initiatives are much more nuanced, that there are “concrete” plans to implement the initiatives. Students are an integral part of this implementation for Cardenas. They take part in the “shared governance” of the school and thus can make a difference.

To show how important students are to Summit’s implementation, a celebration of the plan took place today in the Cave. All members of the Trinity community were welcome to ask questions about the plan in the company of President Berger-Sweeney and her cabinet. They could also suggest ideas with sticky notes. Tables marked with the three focuses of Summit were open for Trinity community members to engage in meaningful conversation: “A First-choice College,” “Hartford and the World,” and “A Sustainable Future.” Cardenas emphasized the “celebration” component of this gathering, that Trinity’s 200-year history, as well as its future, is something of which to be proud.

The Summit Bicentennial plan includes strategic initiatives that embody a focus on Trinity as a first-choice college, increased interaction with Hartford and the world, and the College’s sustainability, both financially and environmentally. As Cardenas heavily emphasized, students are integral to a successful implementation. This common hour event, as well as Summit’s microsite (summit.trincoll. edu) and email-update service, were designed to include students in the process. Summit encompasses all aspects of Trinity’s community to make sure the College remains relevant as it approaches its 200th anniversary.

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