Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Trinity Band Pakalolo Patrol To Release First Album

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 MANAGING EDITOR Trinity’s own Pakalolo Patrol has unofficially released their first eight track self-titled album, Pakalolo Patrol. Get ready for a mix of easy going surf rock and distorted raucous, a pair of sounds that marry each other smoothly on this album. The band strikes a difficult balance between a host of… Continue Reading

Interview: Trinity’s Christopher Houlihan on the Eve of the Watters Recital

Interview: Trinity’s Christopher Houlihan on the Eve of the Watters Recital

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR   Christopher Houlihan sits in his office, his bespectacled face lit dramatically by the purple and blue light of the John Rose window. He has been preparing for his upcoming concert: the Clarence Watters Memorial Recital. He explains that this annual concert commemorates Watters, the first organist of the Trinity… Continue Reading

Spring Weekend at the Mill Applauded by Students

Spring Weekend at the Mill Applauded by Students

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR Last Saturday, in an event following the main Spring Weekend concert at Koeppel Ice Rink, the Mill hosted “Spring Freakend.” The show featured three bands that performed on a large outdoor stage behind the Mill. The first band to perform was longtime Mill standby Wooly Mammoths. The band that was… Continue Reading

Spring Weekend Shakeup Results in New Choice

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR Upon meeting last week and reviewing the decision to allow rapper B.o.B to perform at Spring Weekend, Barnyard voted to cancel their announcement. In the wake of the last-minute change in plans, students wondered if the entire event would be cancelled. On the morning of Monday, April 9, however, EAC… Continue Reading

Hip Hop Festival: Bennett Performs, NoName Cancels

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR   The Trinity Annual Hip Hop Festival concluded in a concert in the Washington Room last Saturday Night. The headliners, Rappers Taylor Bennett and Noname, both Chicago natives, had drawn a crowd of around two hundred spectators to a lively and excited atmosphere. The Saturday night concert functions as the… Continue Reading