Monday, December 18, 2017

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A Thank You from the Tripod staff

Each semester at the Tripod brings an almost entirely new approach to layout, journalism, and general philosophy of the organization. Because of a standard, but necessary, semesterly staff change, vastly differing perspectives and ideas to the paper, which can be a positive and negative. As the last fall 2017 issue of the paper goes to… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Housing Process Needs More Attention from Administration

Prospective families that visit Trinity often stand astonished during their campus tours when they come across a Hansen single, furnished perfectly in college decor. They are shocked to hear that, although they are in an upperclassmen dorm, the room they are viewing is a common setup for first-year students. These impressive housing standards are reflected… Continue Reading

The Dangers of Unsigned Editorials: The Tripod’s New Editorial Policy

Unsigned editorials, despite being the standard for newspapers the world over, present unique challenges to small college newspapers. They imply a consensus of thought among editors, or at least among an editorial team. At a newspaper like The Tripod, editorial positions change hands quickly, often every semester, and it is difficult to get staff members… Continue Reading

Trinity Needs to Get Serious about Sustainability

If Trinity is serious about environmental sustainability, it has a funny way of showing it. The inclusion of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment to the Bicentennial Plan is a commendable gesture, but it’s precisely that: a gesture. Issues relating to climate change are far more pressing than such a commitment suggests. Reducing… Continue Reading

Trinity Days, in Context

Trinity Days as we know them today serve as a lull in the academic tempest of Trinity life. It is a time to relieve stress, sleep, and regroup. Students from New England or other surrounding areas may go home to see family. Some use the time to stay on campus and catch up or get… Continue Reading

Trinity’s Left Needs to Come Together

On September 16th, an alumnus and a number of Trinity students intended to stage a peaceful protest against white supremacy at the homecoming football game against the Colby Mules. Protestors planned to begin at halftime, to interfere with the game itself. According to an organizer who wishes to remain silent, the protest was to be… Continue Reading