Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Study Abroad Spotlight: Trinity in Barcelona Program

HOPE GILLAN ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Over 60%  of  Trinity’s  student  body  studies  abroad  during  their  time as an undergraduate.  The Tripod sat  down  with  Charlotte  Stabler ’18  to  hear  about  her  experiences  at  the  Trinity   in  Barcelona program.   After  studying  abroad  in  her  sophomore  year  of  high  school,  Stabler  could  not  wait  to … Continue Reading

Student Leader of the Week: Emmanuel Amoafa ’18

Name: Paul Ntgene Class Year: 2018 Major: 2018 Hometown: Kampalo, Uganda Leadership Roles: Vernon Social Unit Manager, Mentoring Engineering 120 Students, TA for Engineering 110, Trinfo Cafe worker, former RA. Most Rewarding Experience: For me, it’s been the friendships and networking. It makes me feel accomplished to help the people I now call my friends.… Continue Reading

Summer Internship Profile: Morrison and Forester

MADISON VAUGHN ’21 STAFF WRITER During summer break, the majority of college students spend their time working, relaxing with family and friends, doing research, or interning. This summer, Marisa Berner ’21, will experience her first paid internship in San Francisco, California at a company called Morrison and Forester LLP. Morrison and Forester LLP is a… Continue Reading

Election Coverage: Kristina Miele ’19, Candidate for SGA President

Name: Kristina Miele Major: Mathematics, Minoring in Modeling and Data Hometown: Reading, Massachusetts   Trinity Tripod: What previous experiences have you had within SGA? What projects have you been a critical part of? Kristina Miele: I have served as a senator and class president as well as the Vice President of Communications my sophomore year.… Continue Reading