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Free Speech and Race Relations Discussed at Trin Talks

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF  Trin Talks is a ConnPIRG initiative to bring together different voices across the political spectrum on Trinity’s campus. The series of debates has brought several different topics to the attention of the community. On Thursday, March 8, Trin Talks held another session where the issue of free speech was dis- cussed.… Continue Reading

Student Leader of the Week: Suzanne Del Rosario ’20

Student Leader of the Week: Suzanne Del Rosario ’20

Name: Suzanne Del Rosario Class Year: 2018 Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Leadership on Campus: President of Imani, Trinity College Black Student Union, Senior Intern of Multicultural Recruitment Team (Admissions), Unit Leader at the Welcome Desk Tell us about your leadership experience: Being elected President of Imani has been one of my most rewarding experiences at Trinity. I always envisioned an inclusive, diverse, and… Continue Reading

New Halal Dining Options at Mather Dining Hall

HOPE GILLIAN ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Two vendors from the New York City area have been secured to provide Halal dining options to students on the meal plan. Keeping halal means one only eats foods that are permissible according to Islamic law. Some of the restrictions of this diet include not eating food prepared with alcohol, or consuming meat from animals not slaughtered in God’s… Continue Reading

SMART Recovery Offers New Solutions to Addiction

AMANDA MUCCIO ’18 SENIOR EDITOR After a successful Wellness Fest put on by Bantams in Balance last week, Trinity students should be made aware of related programs available on campus. Among several new initiatives created by the college’s Health Center is SMART Recovery, a weekly meeting group whose goal is to help people address issues with: alcohol, drugs, smoking/vaping, gambling, eating, spending, gaming, over-exercising, preoccupation with relationships… Continue Reading

Political Commentator Leads Common Hour Event

MADISON VAUGHN ’21 STAFF WRITER Jacob Hacker, a political science professor at Yale and coauthor of American Amnesia: How the War on Government Led Us to Forget What Made America Prosper, spoke on “How Politics is Undermining the American Dream” at Trinity on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Hacker began his talk by speaking on the major differences between the Democratic and Republican parties in the US. Hacker… Continue Reading

ESPN Sports Journalist Jemele Hill Speaks at Trinity

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Former host of ESPN’s SportsCenter and current Chief Correspondent and Senior Columnist for ESPN’s The Undefeated Jemele Hill spoke at Trinity during common hour on Thursday, March 1 in the Washington Room. Hill’s speech, titled “The Intersectionality of Race and Gender in Sports, Journalism, and Today’s Political Climate,” was part of Trinity’s Bridging Divides Initiative, which, according to their mission statement, “seeks to bring… Continue Reading

“Caribbean Honduras” Teaches Mesoamerican History

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Students interested in Latin-American culture and history were treated on Feb. 15 to a common hour lecture by Professor of History and International Studies Dario Euraque. A Honduran native, Professor Euraque explained the rich and complex history of the country, and contrasted it with the Caribbean nation of Trinidad in relation… Continue Reading

Student Interns at Adoption Agency in Minnesota

AMANDA MUCCIO ’18 SENIOR EDITOR During the summer before her senior year at Trinity, Elizabeth Searls ’18 interned at EVOLVE Adoption and Family Services in Stillwater, Minnesota. “It was the most humbling and rewarding experience to be part of bringing families together,” said Searls. EVOLVE Adoption and Family Services is an agency that offers support… Continue Reading

Student Leader of the Week: Francisco Balderrama ’20

Student Leader of the Week: Francisco Balderrama ’20

Name: Francisco Balderrama Class Year: 2020 Hometown: Chihuahua, Mexico Leadership on Campus: Charleston House of Interfaith, First Generation Student Board Tell us about your leadership experience: I have had the privilege to hear about the personal lives of some professors, as well as the chapel staff. I have also had the opportunity to interact and learn… Continue Reading

Student Reflects on a Unique First-Year Seminar

MADISON VAUGHN ’21 STAFF WRITER Like all incoming Trinity students, Taurian Taylor ’21 registered for a first-year seminar the summer before arriving on campus. Taylor chose the seminar Knights, Saints, Witches, and You, taught by Professor Elliot Levesque. Taylor began the class knowing that he would learn about medieval history, however, he was surprised to… Continue Reading