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Stockholm Film Fest: Ai Wei Wei’s sends an empty chair

In the recent Stockholm film fest, Ai Wei Wei reaffirmed his presence (well, actually non-presence, due to the fact that he was inable to travel since his passport is still being withheld by Chinese authorities) by sending two lion ice scupltures and an empty chair. The “Chair for Non-Attendance” -a ironic appearance nonetheless did it’s… Continue Reading

Ai Wei Wei: Collaboration with Fashion Industry

The great thing about contemporary artists, is that you don’t know what they’ll do next. Other than artist like Miro, Matisse and Co., where an overview of their life is as easily accessible as a prominent work of art, we do not have foresight of what they’ll do next. Each move is a surprise, each… Continue Reading

Wei Wei

The New York Times has it’s own sub-site that focuses on Ai Wei Wei,     I think this is quite interesting, since we are dealing with an artists, whose actions are abled to be followed and have implication in todays world.     Continue Reading

Google Search: Ai Wei Wei

1) Good Overview of his most prominent works. Not detailed interpretation though: 2) Interesting BBC Interview, held in his compound in China. Lots of background on his issue with surveillance and his personal relationship with the Chinese government. 3) Ai Wei Wei’s own website: 4)Article by Mark Stevens, Smithonian Musuem. Insightful background, and… Continue Reading

Ai Wei Wei

I think one of the key reasons why I chose Ai Wei Wei as contemporary artist to focus, is because I enjoy how he uses the medium of installation (as well as photography) to convey his message. Moreover, the fact that he was actually detained in a Chinese prison and currently works from a compound… Continue Reading

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