This week at Trinity, 100 years ago…

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From the Tripod, September 23, 1910:

“Largest Class in History of Trinity is 1914”  [100 students]

“Fourteen! Fourteen! Fourteen!  The cheer, raised for the first time on Trinity campus, told last night of the invasion of a new class, green it may be, but because of that very greenness full of new vigor and fresh blood.  For more than a week these men have been arriving in small contingents, asking questions, attempting entrance examinations, dining as honored guests of the several fraternities—all of which was by way of preparation for their four-year career as Trinity men.  That they will be Trinity men of the true type is the hope and belief of those who have given them their welcome—professors, officers, students.”


CARRIAGES.  When wishing Hacks for Evening Parties, Receptions and Dances, get prices from F. P. Wilson.  Tel. 1145.  20 Union Place.


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