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Farewell and Good Luck!!!

   Posted by: rring

We bid farewell to Erika Jenns, Indiana University ’13, who has spent an incredibly productive six weeks in the Watkinson creating a 40+ page annotated checklist of our collection relating to Lydia Sigourney, “the sweet singer of Hartford,” poetess and author published widely in the magazines, and a contemporary of Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain who enjoyed national fame during her lifetime–but is largely forgotten.  We are intending to illustrate and publish the checklist this year.

Erika also posted to our guest blog, “I Found it at the Watkinson,” from July 4th to August 3rd, and some of these will be excerpted in the publication.

Erika’s work will also provide the foundation for an exhibition at some point in the near future.  We wish her luck in her senior year at Indiana, and beyond!