Questions to answer for Friday

History of Psychology

Psych 414

Fall 2008

Introductory History Questions

Can there be a shape with 2149 equal sides?
Have you ever experienced one?
How do you know?

Have you ever heard or read the sentence in English, “Three bruising books rained softly from the gap in the cirrus clouds”?
Do you understand it?
How is that possible without experience?
Do you “remember” the language you speak?

How does your appearance today compare to your appearance on the day you were born?
How would one establish that you are the same person?

Suppose you pick up a cup on two separate occasions:
(1) You pick up the cup to see what is underneath it. (2) You pick up the cup to examine how heavy it feels.
Is “picking up the cup” the same behavior in both cases?

Is your mind in your brain? If you weigh 183 pounds and your brain weighs 3 pounds, how much does your mind weigh?

Suppose you have been hypnotized. The hypnotist says that you will leave the room to get a drink of water after you are no longer hypnotized. Sure enough, when you are awake, you ask to leave to leave the room to get a drink. When asked why, you say that you are very thirsty and need a drink very much. Is that a good explanation for why you went to get a drink?

History of Psychology Syllabus