Coffee with a Bantam!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, May 1st is right around the corner and that means it’s crunch time for decision day! In anticipation of this exciting day, I want to tell you about a program we offer here at Trinity that will (hopefully) make your decisions a little bit easier. Coffee with a Bantam! This program is a great opportunity to explore campus and talk with a current student in the most laid-back environment!

During Coffee with a Bantam you can meet with a Student Admissions Associate in the Admissions Building and head out to any one of our cozy coffee shops – Peter B’s Espresso, The UnderGround Coffeehouse, or Goldberg’s on Campus. Throughout the time with your SAA you can explore almost anywhere on campus that sparks your interest or curiosity! Also, don’t be afraid to ask your SAA any questions or share concerns you have about Trinity, that’s exactly what they are there for!

A few things to know about Coffee with a Bantam:

  • It’s completely free! The Office of Admissions takes up the bill on this one, and as all you soon-to-be college students will quickly realize – there is nothing better than free stuff.
  • Your parents and guardians are invited! You’re more than welcome (and even encouraged!) to go-it alone on this one, but if you are making your first visit on campus and want your parents to tag along for the experience, they are more than welcome to do so.
  • The whole thing will take about 45 minutes! This means that you have almost an hour with a current student at your complete disposal. Make sure you take advantage and ask them anything and everything that comes to mind.

I really hope that everyone takes this amazing opportunity to be a part of Coffee with a Bantam and have the best time roaming the campus! Happy exploring!

Schedule your Coffee with a Bantam today by calling 860-297-2180.

Guest Blogger: Emily Kaufman ’18

Emily Kaufman

Hillel at Trinity College has come to be my second mishpachah (“family” in Hebrew). I actually did not become involved in Hillel until my sophomore year when my roommate brought me to Shabbat dinner at the Zachs Hillel House at Trinity on the first Friday of the semester. After that event at Hillel I was hooked! I was amazed by how friendly everyone was, not to mention how delicious a home-cooked meal tasted! I felt comfortable and welcome at Hillel, as though it was my home, and my fellow students were my family. This inviting atmosphere gave me a sense of community and belonging at Trinity that I hadn’t even realized I had been lacking. Through Hillel at Trinity I have made friends from all different years and social groups on campus; some are athletes, artists, activists, and the list goes on, and yet we all still have Hillel in common that unites us. I have also learned a lot by being part of the Hillel community at Trinity College. I have furthered my Jewish knowledge as well as developed many skills in planning and organizing events with Hillel.

Trinity College Hillel has provided me with opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I am currently the Secretary on the Student Board, a leadership role that has enabled me to improve my communication skills as well as develop my ability to create, plan, and organize events that are often collaborative with other campus organizations and groups. Hillel is also the main reason why I decided to go on Birthright over winter break (which was amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone who is eligible!), which then qualified me to become a David Project Intern. I also hope to go on an international alternative spring break trip through Hillel next spring! I have met and worked with many faculty, staff, alumni, and community leaders through Hillel as well. I am so grateful to have found my Hillel community at Trinity College. I have learned so much about Judaism and myself as an individual by being part of this community and cannot imagine my Trinity College experience without it now! And although I will be going to Rome next semester, I know that I will have a group of amazing people to welcome me home when I return, all thanks to Trinity College Hillel!