An End & a New Beginning

As graduation celebrations have finally concluded, and as summer has continued to wane before drawing to an eventual close, students from the class of 2020 are budding with anticipation. For the millennial generation, there is such a tremendous spotlight that acts to showcase the college experience. “The best four years of your life,” “the time in your life where you’ll meet your closest friends,” “a stepping stone prior to your future career” are all common, intimidating phrases that are tossed around as an individual transitions from high school to their freshman year of college. To the Trinity class of 2020, here are three top components that you’ll attain as you become immersed within your college experience:

  • Independence

You will find yourself undergoing several moments where you feel alone, and that is completely okay. As you progress throughout your college experience, you will realize that grabbing breakfast by yourself in the morning before class can be soothing, doing work at a table alone in Peter B’s as your peers chat around you can be comforting, and going on a run by yourself is meditative. Though it is extremely difficult, changing the negative connotation of “loneliness” into a supportive feeling of independence enhances the college experience, and you’ll gain both renewed strength and maturation.

  • Self-discovery through Increased Involvement

Throughout the college experience in general, but particularly at Trinity, there are countless opportunities and methods to integrating yourself throughout the community. College is the time where you truly start “doing you,” and you don’t have to follow the pack mentality. Take advantage of the opportunities that college provides to enhance your individuality (whether that’s through clubs, sports, theatrical arts, etc.) because not only will that diminish to a certain extent in “the real world,” but it will also help you to define yourself and garner insight regarding interests that you can develop throughout the future years.

  • An Appreciation for Time

High school might have seemed arduous at times, but the college years pass within the blink of an eye. Speaking as a rising junior, I am experiencing a mid-college crisis where I can’t even believe that I’m halfway done. Although attending classes, writing essays, and taking exams are essential, it is also important to remember that it is the relationships that you make in college that will sustain for the rest of your life. Grab coffee with your professors, spend some extra time doing an activity with your friends on the weekend, and get to know both the students in your year as well as the ones above and below it. Before you know it, you’ll be back “‘neath the elms” clad in graduate attire.