Questions to Ask Your College Tour Guide

Questions to Ask Your College Tour Guide

The average high school senior applies to five to ten colleges before they commit. This can be number can be overwhelming when sorting through which college is the best fit for you. As a tour guide for Trinity, I’m trained to handle pretty much what ever question comes my way from parents or students, and through this as well as my own experience applying to colleges, I’ve come across a few questions that are the most important to ask your college tour guide.

What classes are you taking/what is your favorite class?

It gives parents and students a good was to gage how many classes are being taken, what the variety is, and what is the most interesting class, in the tour guide’s opinion. I always say my favorite class so far has been Psychology of Music because the professor was awesome, it covered two of my requirements, and it was just really interesting too.

Does the college have any traditions?

This could be either superstitions, events that happen every year or every month, or anything else. One of Trinity’s traditions of course that Roosevelt plaque no students dares to step on out of fear they won’t gradate in time, and something about a lemon squeezer being stolen.

What kind of internships do students get?

Sometimes colleges get student’s internships but they are just running off copies and getting coffee but Trinity’s alumni network and relations with various companies enables its students to get the best possible internship. When CT Senator Chris Murphy talked at Trinity he said that he likes to have Trinity students in his office because he knows all about Trinity’s respected reputation. And because we are one of the only colleges in the city, there is not the competition for internships you would find in other cities.

Do students get off campus for nonacademic reasons?

Internships can be a way to get off campus but not everyone has one. Students going downtown shows how active we are in our community and are not limited to just our campus. Museums and parks are perks of living in a city and Trinity students know this. Not only do students get discounts at the Wadsworth Museum, the XL Center right in the middle of the city. Plus there are so many restaurants downtown. And speaking of restaurants…

What are good restaurants around campus?

I love giving tours around 11:30 because I can tell families all the great restaurants that are around Trinity. If you ask 10 students what their favorite places are around campus, you will get 10 different answers. Bartaco, El Sarape, and Bears are always good choices but King and I Thai has to be my favorite place. Before coming here, the most diverse places to eat in my hometown were Mexican restaurants and now I can have Thai, BBQ, Peruvian, and Middle Eastern each weekend.

How many students live on campus?

Living in a dorm creates a sense of community, which is something you get quite often when you go to a small liberal art college. About 90% of Trinity students live on campus and the 10% that live “off campus” live in Greek or themed houses on campus grounds or just across the street. Even though we are in a city, housing is guaranteed for all four years here, unlike other colleges in other cities.

How many students study abroad?

Studying abroad isn’t always a major topic for some colleges but it’s definitely important here. 60% of Trinity students study abroad, many of whom are athletes and STEM majors. Even if you can’t fit studying abroad during academic year, there are so many summer abroad programs that allow you to experience a different part of the world.

What has been your favorite thing you have done while at college?

One of my favorite memories is either making Nutella pancakes with my friends at 11pm on a Wednesday or writing about the men’s hockey team winning the NESCAC championships and getting my story on the front page of the Tripod.

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