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A Guide to Coffee at Trinity

Like many college students, coffee is my life. I work at a coffee shop back home, I always have some type of it in my room, and I always know what and where to get coffee when at Trinity. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Staying Local

While I was applying to schools, I thought that I wanted to get as far away from Connecticut as possible. After all, college is supposed to be when you fully leave the nest and start becoming an adult. As a … Continue reading

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This or That?: My Top 5 Favorite Classes at Trinity

When asked what my favorite thing about Trinity is, I say hands down the academics (okay, maybe not hands down since I have about 20 things that are my favorite thing about Trinity, but it certainly tops the list). I … Continue reading

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Politics…Among Other Things

This election season has been a long, grueling and frustrating one for most of us. Whether you are a political junkie – never missing a press conference or debate, or someone who couldn’t care less about politics, it’s safe to … Continue reading

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The Sound of Trinity

The Trinity campus is strikingly beautiful, and throughout my time here I have come to appreciate the other ways that Trinity delights my senses. The taste of a Goldberg’s breakfast sandwich, the smell of espresso in the Underground, and the feeling … Continue reading

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Thoughts from “Across the Pond”

Going abroad for a semester (or even an entire year!) is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. I would like to start off by saying that, if the opportunity presents itself, you should jump on it. There … Continue reading

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Becoming a Bantam: Why I Chose Trinity

Unlike most matriculated Trinity students, my first campus tour was in 4th grade. My teacher was an alum of Trinity and wanted to take us to his alma matter to show us a real college campus. I remember having a … Continue reading

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Rolling into Enrollment: Choosing Courses for the Spring Semester

As election drama wears on, midterms subside, and the clock progressively turns towards Thanksgiving, the students of Trinity College are already thinking forward by preparing for the next semester. Despite the fact that all of us are attempting to fulfill … Continue reading

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Course Registration: A Guide to the Academic Hunger Games

When my first year mentor told my seminar that she was leading an entire class meeting focused on getting through course registration, I knew that the process would be intimidating. I made lots of lists in the following weeks, creating … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Liberal Arts College

When I was applying to schools during my senior year of high school, I submitted lots of applications to larger research universities. Trinity was one of the smallest schools on my list, but after studying for half a semester at … Continue reading

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