The Housing Selection Process

Trinity is a residential campus. The vast majority of the student body lives on campus for all four years. I love being a part of a community-centered living environment. There are twenty-six residence halls at Trinity. Some are older than others, but each hall has it’s own character and reputation.

All freshmen reside in residence halls in the “concrete jungle,” on south campus, with the exception of one hall on north campus. Upperclassmen can choose where they live through a housing lottery held every spring. Students are assigned a lottery number based on the determined rating of their building. I found this lottery system to be a rather convoluted process. For example, if you were unable to come, you were required to have a proxy complete the housing process for you.

This year, the housing selection process will be done entirely online. Susan Salisbury, the Director of Residential Life, held multiple housing selection informational meetings to outline the new process. She explained that the housing portal will open on April 6th, and students will have time between April 6th and 12th to add housing to their wish list. Groups can do so under the name of a “group leader,” who will select their wishes. After the 12th, Susan Salisbury said that lottery numbers would begin to process in batches. Once numbers have been assigned housing, you can no longer change your wish list, and the housing selection process is complete.

I think that this new housing selection process will be great for students and allow for much more flexibility in selecting. With all of the great residential housing at Trinity, I look forward to living on campus all four years.

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    1. Hi there! Congratulations to your son- hope he enjoys his four years at Trinity! All information regarding housing selection can be found at Hope this helps!

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