Kristen Morrisette ’20

Kristen Morrisette ’20

Kristen Morissette is a junior from Leeds, Maine, and double major in american studies and classical civilization. During her time at Trinity, Kristen has been an active member of the varsity swim team, president of the Food Recovery Network, and a member of the Green Campus club, and Habitat for Humanity. She is an ambassador for the Electric Zoo Festival and is a brand ambassador for multiple companies. During her junior year, Kristen spent a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy where she studied Italian Renaissance art, Italian literature, and photography at Syracuse University in Florence.

Kristen is pumped to be involved with Trinity’s social media and to engage with alumni as well as current and prospective Bants. She believes that music or “noise” is something that brings the Trin community together and wants to showcase that in various ways. She also believes that it’s important for students to know about the music scenes both on and off campus. What better way to get to know a community and its culture than through music?! In her beat, “Bring the Noise,” Kristen will be curating and compiling weekly Spotify playlists that feature music from around campus, while also sharing news and reviews from the music scenes around Hartford.

Can be often be found at: The Cave

Favorite things to do on campus?: Trivia at Vernon Social and attend squash matches!

Favorite genre of music?: Electronic/dance

Other hobbies: Photography, drawing, yoga, movies, and DOGS!!

Let’s be social: @krittan88 (Instagram)

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