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Clichés for Days: What I Take for Granted

Despite the recent heat wave that has decided to hit Hartford, fall is in full swing on Trinity’s campus. Maybe it’s the change in season, the halfway point of my second-to-last fall semester, or perhaps a combination of these two … Continue reading

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Why Being an English Major is #Lit

Choosing a major isn’t easy – especially at a liberal arts school where students are required to take classes in varying disciplines in order to graduate. So how does one go about choosing a major their sophomore year? Although some … Continue reading

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Rolling into Enrollment: Choosing Courses for the Spring Semester

As election drama wears on, midterms subside, and the clock progressively turns towards Thanksgiving, the students of Trinity College are already thinking forward by preparing for the next semester. Despite the fact that all of us are attempting to fulfill … Continue reading

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First Time as a First-Year Mentor

Coming into my first-year at Trinity, I’ll admit, I was profoundly lost. Unlike most of my peers, I was coming from a small private day school in Maine. Only one of my high school classmates was attending Trinity with me. I … Continue reading

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Six Defining Factors of a #TrinCollFall

In addition to packing our summer whites away, shorts have been shipped back home, and sandals have slid to the back of our priority lists. Welcome to fall at TrinColl! But just because the air is a tad bit brisker, … Continue reading

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New Year, New You: The Opportunity To “Re-brand”

Although some may argue that it’s technically the fourth week of school, others might contend that the new school year is still incredibly fresh. With the myriad of organizations that underwent the club fair in order to recruit new members, with … Continue reading

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How a Small School Degree Takes a Large City

I walked into my summer internship on the first day of orientation and sat down assuredly at large meeting table, excited to meet a variety of individuals who I didn’t know would soon become some of my closest friends. As … Continue reading

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A Home Away from Home

Coming to Trinity in the fall of 2014, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to my living situation. I had received my housing assignment via email, I had been in contact with my randomized roommate (who ended … Continue reading

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An End & a New Beginning

As graduation celebrations have finally concluded, and as summer has continued to wane before drawing to an eventual close, students from the class of 2020 are budding with anticipation. For the millennial generation, there is such a tremendous spotlight that … Continue reading

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Falling into the Spring Semester

I left my dorm this morning with a spring in my step (pun intended) as I headed to my 10:00A.M. class. I live in a building called Jarvis, which is considered prime real estate on campus, since it’s located on … Continue reading

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