Thoughts from “Across the Pond”

Going abroad for a semester (or even an entire year!) is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. I would like to start off by saying that, if the opportunity presents itself, you should jump on it. There has not been a single moment yet of my semester abroad, that I have regretting studying away for a semester. With this being said, I am not immune to the nostalgia that comes along with being away from Trinity for so long. I believe that the more time you spend there, the bigger space it comes to hold in your heart. After bringing up my homesickness in conversations with other friends abroad, I’ve come to realize that I am not the only one feeling this way. Through listening to conversations of what everyone misses about home, I decided to put together a small collection of “Trin-things” that your fellow mates are missing a little extra this semester.

Brandon Campbell ’18 who is studying in Barcelona, only had one thing on his mind when I asked him what he missed most about Trinity right now saying, “I miss Rashima’s eggs in Mather, hands down.” As most of you may know, the egg-bar is a popular choice among Mather-goers, and especially those made by our beloved Mather employee, Rashima!

Charlotte Stabler ’18, who is a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma on campus, mentioned that it wasn’t so much what she missed about Trinity, but rather, who she missed. “My roommates, definitely.” Charlotte says that being able to have her best friends in the next room all the time is something that she finds herself missing immensely at the moment. She also misses her daily bistro smoothies, and the amazing pumpkin bread at Peter B’s in the library. (Don’t worry Charlotte, you’re definitely not alone on that one!)

“I really miss walking down the Long Walk to go to class in the morning, when the weather is cool and crisp. I also miss anyone and everyone, because it always seems to be someone you recognize. You don’t get that often while you’re abroad. Also, those First and Last lunches they serve at Common Hour events are incomparable…that’s on the top of my list when I get back!” ~Sherri Liao ’18

Similarly to Charlotte and Sherri, Lulu Kammerer ’18 says, “I miss walking around a campus where you know everyone and can say, ‘Hi!’ to the people you pass on the Long Walk. I also miss living with my best friends.”

“I miss being on a campus where I am, at most, ten minutes from all my classes. I also muss the way classes are taught at Trinity and the close contact I have with my professors.” ~Lilla Kis ’18, studying abroad in Scotland at St. Andrews.

As you can tell, studying abroad is an amazing time for every Trinity student, but we still find ourselves missing campus from time to time. I think being removed from the comfortable Long Walk scenery, cozy Raether Library chairs, and endless Mather options can be difficult at times, but just gives us something to look forward to when we return!

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