How to Get Invovled on Campus and Surprise Both Yourself and Your Parents

How to Get Invovled on Campus and Surprise Both Yourself and Your Parents

Upon entering my second semester of my sophomore year here at Trinity, I’ve gradually become more accustomed and familiarized with all of the broad-reaching opportunities this college offers its students both on and off campus. Especially for a student such as myself who struggled with homesickness much of my first semester of my freshmen year, getting involved and keeping myself preoccupied was one of the best things that I could have done to get myself over the homesickness hump. Despite it being overwhelming at first, the campus involvement fair, held every semester, was a great way to explore what the college had to offer and how I could get involved in something that personally interested me. I remember walking through the doors into the Mather Washington Room and being immediately engulfed in a sea of tables and fliers, all backed behind students enthusiastically cooing you to sign up for their club. The fair has everything from Investment Club to Puppy Club, with a series of clubs and organizations that could deem attractive to almost anyone. Looking to join a sports team at school but not exactly sure if you could handle the commitment of a collegiate sport? Look no further than the numerous club sports Trinity offers such as tennis, lacrosse, hockey, soccer etc. Sports aren’t your thing? Not to fear, there are a series of volunteer clubs and organizations connected with the school such as Best Buddies, Big Brother Big Sister, Relay for Life and more. Even if you are looking for a more chill club environment, artistic and musical clubs such as The Mill on campus and the event planning Barnyard Committee serve as a great way to get yourself involved in something that may taper more to your interest.

Another great thing about Trinity College is the availability of on-campus jobs for students. For many students, keeping themselves busy with a paying job can be a much-appreciated bonus. If you were looking for more of an office job on campus, a job in either admissions or career development could be the one for you. Looking for something in the library instead? Lucky for you, the library circulation desk is a great place for students to help other students and become more familiar with the interworkings of our library. If you walk a bit further down the library lobby, you will stumble upon Peter B’s, one of the great student-run coffee shops on campus. Peter B’s is not only an awesome place to hang out, get some work done or grab a coffee or snack, but it’s also a lively and fun work environment. I’ve heard from many of my own friends that there is never a dull moment while working there, and being able to work alongside and serve your friends is incredibly entertaining. And you get paid to do so! The other student run coffee shop on campus, The Underground, is another great, more chill and relaxed coffee shop that is laden with large comfy couches and cool music. If the other jobs mentioned above don’t seem to do it for you, you could also get a job in the Trinity Recreation Department, either being a student gym supervisor or a lifeguard. When looking around at all of the available jobs and resources available to you as a student here, its crazy to think that last year I had hardly any idea these opportunities existed!

Furthermore, as a student reaching their sophomore/junior/senior year at school, the presence and talk of internships can become all encompassing. Lucky enough for us, Trinity offers a series of internships during the school year both on and off campus that can allow you to get a head start on your early-job experience. One trip to the Career Development Center will help you gain a better understanding as to what you may want to focus your interest in on, and how you can find the perfect local internship match for you!

We are incredibly lucky to go to a school that has all of the available resources and opportunities that Trinity College does, whether that is in terms of clubs and organizations, on-campus jobs or networked internships. Don’t string yourself along with empty promises that you will sign up tomorrow…get involved today!

How to Deal with Homesickness in College

How to Deal with Homesickness in College

Every college freshmen, whether they liked to admit it or not, has dealt with some type of homesickness when making the transition into college. Of course it is all relative, for some incoming students had experience living away from home because of boarding school, so therefore the move into college wasn’t that big of a deal for them. For me personally, I was the type of person who had been going to a school with the same people from preschool until senior year of high school. I had always been a homebody and I loved everything about my small hometown, which you can imagine made it harder when it was time to enter this new chapter in my life. The thought of leaving friends, family and the safeness of home made me uneasy and nervous. Back in the fall, I knew that I was going to struggle in adjusting to the new dramatic change of independence and that homesickness was inevitable, but these strategies helped me change my perspective and grow to love the fun and freedom of college life.

First off, its really important to understand that what you are feeling and going through is totally normal, but it will get better and you will be able to overcome it. Moving to a new place can be overwhelming because you are suddenly engulfed in a completely new environment. Give yourself time to grow comfortable and accustumed to this new space by making your room a special safe haven. Being able to decorate and manage your own dorm can be really fun, so make it a warm environment that both excites and comforts you to call “home”. Another way to get over this homesick bump is to distract, distract, distract. Distracting yourself through activities, classes and time with friends is one of the best cures for homesickness. If you surround yourself with fun, positive people and involve yourself around campus, you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to be homesick. If you find yourself getting more homesick at night when you are falling asleep, try watching one of your favorite shows or movies to help get your mind off things. If you find yourself getting homesick when you are alone, then make an active effort to seek out your friends or meet new people during these times. If none of these strategies work for you and you still can’t seem to get out of your slump, consider talking with one of the many helpful resources that Trinity has around campus, like the Residential Advisors (RA’s), TRINsition Fellows or counseling center.

In the end, its important to remember that your home will always be your home but this new time and place in your life can be just as exciting too! It will take time but be patient with yourself, for it won’t take much time for you to fall in love with Trinity.

Staying Local

While I was applying to schools, I thought that I wanted to get as far away from Connecticut as possible. After all, college is supposed to be when you fully leave the nest and start becoming an adult. As a Hartford resident, I wanted to leave the city and experience a new city or even the country. Despite me being insistent on leaving Hartford for school, I ended up here at Trinity, the school that was closest to my home. After experiencing three semesters here at Trinity, I know for a fact that I have made the right decision in staying local.

During my first year at Trinity I became home sick. I expect this happens to most students during their first year. The further away you are from home, than the harder it will be. However, I will say that I had an easier time handling my home sickness because I was living in the city that I grew up in still. I just had to remind myself that my parents were always just a bus ride ride away. So I will say that staying local definitely helped me handle the stress of being away from home in a far more relaxed manner.

Staying local helped me gain independence, yet I am close enough that I can reach out to home when I need or want to. Living outside of home made me appreciate my parents since I was on my own. Now, because I decided to stay local, I am able to tell them how much I appreciate all that they have done for me. Staying local also has some other luxuries. As great as the food from the Bistro can be, I will always enjoy my mother’s home cooked meals far more. As a local student, I am able to come visit my parents on the weekend and enjoy their company. I get to study at home during finals if the library is too packed with other stressed out students. So, staying local was a great decision for me.

Another great thing about staying local was that it was easy for me to meet people and make friends. After all, people from all over America and the world come here to Trinity. Why not show them around your local town? Take your new friends to your favorite restaurant. People want to know where is a great place to buy certain items, and as a local I can easily direct them on the right path. I was also very happy to meet more people from Connecticut. One of my roommates is from Middletown, CT, a town which is not too far off. These fellow locals also helped me find new things to like about my city. I was introduced to new local restaurants, which I absolutely love now. I can also guarantee that I will be hanging out with my fellow local friends during summer, when there is no schoolwork involved. Staying within Connecticut helped me meet people.

For reasons such as these, I am happy that I stayed close to home. If you are a local student looking to come to Trinity, I will encourage to you apply. You will be able to handle homesickness in a far better manner then if you were all the way across the country. You will be able to go home and enjoy the company of your family far more often. You will also be able to make new local and foreign friends. For this reason, I encourage local students like me to apply to Trinity.

It’s OK to be Homesick in College

As Parent’s Weekend has come and gone this semester, you may come to find yourself feeling a little homesick for your Mom’s cooking and your bed…and possibly your dog too. Whether you live just outside of Boston or halfway around the world, it is so easy to become homesick during your college years. Fortunately, Trinity creates an atmosphere that feels like one we are all living as one big happy family on our little campus! However, theres nothing wrong with the occasional twinge of sadness when you’d rather be cuddled up at home instead of in the library!

I’m here to tell you that being homesick every once in a while is a very real feeling, and it is OK. In many instances I’ve found myself denying my homesickness, when it was really affecting how I went about every part of my day. If you’re similar to me, you hold your family very near and dear to your heart, and being at school for long periods of time can make your heart ache for that family dynamic you are so comfortable with. If you are not fortunate to live close enough to Trinity where you could sneak away for the weekend, I have a few remedies for that homesickness tugging at your heart strings.

Make a FaceTime date and stick to it. Thanks to technology we have the ability to come face-to-face with our loved ones even if we’re hundreds of miles apart. Next time you are feeling in need of some family bonding, make a family group chat and figure out a time that every can sit down and reconnect. Although you can’t be at the dinner table together, at least with FaceTime and Skype, just being able to see a familiar face can make all the difference.

Recreate your favorite home-cooked meal. Trinity offers many spaces around campus where students can cook meals for themselves when they need a break from Mather. If you are craving a little taste of home, take a ride to the grocery store and grab the ingredients to a meal you love that you can only get from home. Call up Dad, or Grandma (or whoever knows the best lasagna recipe), and ask them to explain how they create your favorite dish. You can then head over to any of the freshman dorms, or borrow a friend’s kitchen on Crescent St. and get cooking! Even if you’ve never attempted your favorite dish before, it could be an awesome learning experience while also bringing a small piece of home to campus. It may not taste as good as it would from your own kitchen, but it may tide you over until the next time your home on break.

Talk to someone about it. There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about being homesick because it happens to everyone. You should never feel as though you have to hold it in either. The Trinity community is made up of so many wonderful Professors, Counselors, Coaches, and Administrators that are here for whatever you need. If you are simply looking for someone to listen, their doors are always open. Also, Trinity has an on-campus counseling center specifically for students looking for a little extra support. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of any of these amazing people at Trinity, they understand how hard it can be to adjust to new surroundings and how to cope with missing loved ones.

Homesickness creeps up on you when you least expect it, but don’t push it away immediately. Recognize that, even though college is an opportunity for newfound independence, we still need the support from the people that got us this far. If you are feeling a little down because Thanksgiving break is just too far away, take some time to call up Mom and Dad and tell them you love them. I promise you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.