Big Brother

Abby Gleason 

Professor Powell  

FYSM 120 – Leadership, War, and Hollywood  

September 27th, 2019 


I think that a leader is both born with the ability to lead and that it can be developed over time. When people are young, there is always that one person that becomes the leader in the group. They become the leader due to how people act around them. I think that the younger kids that are “leaders” are born with that ability to lead but I think that it changes over time. Leadership develops as one gets older due to situations changing. This makes the leadership skills that one has when they are younger not as useful because kindergarten leadership skills won’t be as efficient once one is in high school, college or in the real world. The ability to lead develops over time because not all people who were leaders when they were younger could become leaders when they are older.  Also, people who were not leaders when they were younger are leaders today. I personally think that leadership depends on the person what they went through growing up or what they have and are doing in their life could affect their leadership. I also think that it depends on what made one develop the ability to become a leader. This makes me think of my older brother because he has always been a leader to me, and I have always looked up to him no matter what. My brother has influenced me for a long as I can remember. I would always follow him around when I was a baby to be like him. He always had an influence on my no matter what age I am because I always look up to him.  

Someone in my life who is a great leader and inspires me is my older brother Andrew Gleason. He has always been there for me when I needed him and has always looked out for me even when I’ve told him not to. Andrew has influenced me throughout my entire life. He has made me realize things about myself and others that I would not have noticed or originally thought of- he gave me a new perspective. He has always been the one person that I go to when I need advice or just someone to talk to. Due to what Andrew has done in his life I would say that he is an emerged leader, not an assigned leader. I would also say that Andrew is a 9,9-team management style on the managerial leadership grid. Andrew is always concerned about the people around him and he wants to make sure that they are getting what they want and that everything is okay for them. On the other side he is always completing the goal at hand and making sure that it gets done in a reasonable amount of time, for example, this past summer for my mom’s birthday Andrew and I decided to make a corn hole game from scratch for her, so we got the wood, tools, and paint and got to work, we started two days before her birthday so we were skeptical on if we were going to get it done. Lucky we were able to finish it just in time for my mom’s special day, this was all because Andrew kept pushing me and himself to get it done on time.  

Andrew has always been a great leader in my eyes because yes, I have always looked up to him but also because when I was younger, I wanted to be like him, the reason that I started playing hockey was that he played it and I wanted to be like him. Even today there are still things that I want to do because Andrew has done them, and because he enjoyed them so muchBoth Andrew and I have our eyes on the same goals, meaning that we both want the most out of every situation that we are in. We also want everyone, in the end, to be happy with what they accomplished and want the people around us to achieve the goals that they had. The only reason that we have the same goals is that I have always noticed the goals that Andrew has, like when it comes to sports or friends and that makes me want to do the same. 

Another reason that I think Andrew is a great leader is that he always has people that follow in his footsteps due to what he has done in his life. When Andrew was in High School, he was the captain of his sports teams for 5 seasons. He left a mark on his teammates in those seasons. In the years that followed his captainship, the captains have acted the same way and led the team in a similar way. Andrew had an influence on his teammates and his friends which made them want to follow him, because they all, like myself looked up to him.  

Andrew has been there since the beginning which is obvious because he is my brother but the relationship between my brother and me is different than most sibling relationships. Andrew and I have one of the best brother-sister bonds that I know, and I know a lot of people with siblings. I’ve talked to many of my friends who have older siblings and have asked if they get along well and most of them say that they don’t. I’ve heard many things like we don’t get along at all, we hate each other and things like that, but between Andrew and I is different. Yes, Andrew and I have had times where we hate each other or are at each other’s necks but we always go back to the great relationship that we built in the beginning. I have always looked up to Andrew no matter what, I have always gone to him with the problems that I have, no matter how big or how small he is always there to help me get through them if he wants to or not. Andrew has always been there for me and I know he will always be there for me because that is the type of person he is. 





Claudia was my peer editor

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