writing prompt 9

Abby Gleason

Professor Powell

November 8th, 2019

Code Red


Peer punishment is acts of punishment that are carried out by peers in a group. Peer punishment also promotes the enforcement of bad social norms. With this in the back of my mind, I personally do think that peer punishment and code reds should be allowed in groups, but I definitely think that there are some fine lines that should not be crossed and if they get crossed then that is not okay.

To expand on my opinion about code reds I do think that they are a necessary thing when it comes to groups who have a specific goal that they need to accomplish. Because if a person in the group is not pulling their weight and they are not able to do anything right, and everyone else in their group needs to pull their weight for them then I think that something needs to happen. That person needs to have a little talking to, and maybe even a little bit of punishment but nothing that serious. I say this because the person that is not pulling their weight needs to be taught that they need to be able to do things for themselves and not have others do it for them. They also need to understand that they are letting their entire groups or the team down by not being able to do what is asked of them. This makes me believe that punishing that person is okay to do, but not in a way that will seriously hurt them.

In the army, I think that code reds should also be able to be carried out for the same reason stated above. But if soldiers are given the command to give a “code red” to a fellow soldier then they should not be punished. I say this because they are just following an order that was given to them by a commanding officer. Even though they are still committing something that should not be happening the soldiers who “do” the code red should not be punished, because if they do not carry out this order then they would get in trouble for not following order but by the following order should not get them into trouble. The commanding officer who gave out the order for the soldiers to give out a code red should be punished even though they know that it is the right thing to do but then again it is the wrong thing to do.

If I were to be in a group or a team and I was the leader of the said group I would let there be peer punishment. But I would not let the punishment go far enough where it would put down the person or it would make them not be able to perform to the best that they can be anymore due to them always getting punished. I would also not let it go far enough where it would make the person not trust their group/team or not want to be a part of that group anymore. I believe that this is important because people need to know that if they can’t do their job and what they are meant to be doing then they should not be where they are, and they should go home.

Overall, I think that the right to have peer punishment in groups is the right thing to do. But again, I think that this comes with some limitations and lines that are not allowed to be crossed. Certainly, death is something that cannot happen from peer punishment and if it does then the people who carried out the punishment need to get into trouble. But these are just my views and opinions on this matter.

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