Writing prompt 10

Abby Gleason

Writing prompt 10

November 15, 2019


The article was all about how in most companies there is the suggestion that there be diversity in each team and part of the company. The article gives many convincing studies of this happening in different places, but I thought that it was only that. I think that the writers of the article tried to make their point and their argument a convincing one, but it didn’t convince me. I think that they make it clear that people who are a part of diverse teamwork better than people who are not a part of a diverse team, but I didn’t find the argument very compelling. I felt like they kind of threw a bunch of facts and case studies at the reader, but they didn’t really explain the reasoning to the best of their ability in my opinion. I felt like the facts and case studies were to try and convince the reader that it is going to work in all situations no matter what, but I disagree. I disagree and say that this article did not give a compelling argument because I think that without the case studies the authors would have nothing, the case studies are the only thing that makes this article smarter but not enough to make their argument compelling.

I do personally believe that have a diverse community in the workplace can make things more productive, which means that I do agree with their conclusions and recommendations. But I only agree with some of them because I think that it depends on the job and what that job entails. I do think that having people of different genders and people who have different races is important to have in a team to so diversity, but not because it makes people more effective when it comes to working. I feel like it is just the right thing to have different people in places because if they don’t then the people in charge might be looked at as someone who doesn’t want anyone else that is different on their team.

Teams and companies all have the same goal and that is to get the job that they are hired or supposed to be doing done and do it well. The article mostly talks about companies and places on the larger scale of things. What this article doesn’t talk about is sports teams, any other type of teams that includes the military. I think that this article applies to all the above. It applies to the military because there are many people in the United States that are not born and raised here. But just because someone was not born and raised in the united states doesn’t mean that they are not a citizen of the U.S. In our country there are many people that are from a different culture and they have worked their butt of to be where they are. And, if these people want to protect our country then they should be able to because it is their country as well because it is their home as well.

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