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  • What made you choose to attend Trinity College?
  • What strengths do you have that will help you to be successful?
  • What kind of skills do you need to develop to help you become a successful Trinity student?
  • What honors or awards have you received?
  • Are you a member of any clubs? Do you do volunteer work somewhere?
  • What does life after Trinity ideally have in store for you?

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What are the three main legal protections for intellectual property in the United States? The most basic protection is the span of the author’s life plus seventy years. “Works made for hire” are protected for 95-120 years after the work was created. Lastly, works created before 1978 have more complicated rules along with foreign work….

Keyword v. Subject searching

My research question is based on the tones in the Chinese language, as all of the articles in the field I’m searching in only come from one database (Bibliography of Asian Studies).In addition, most articles are published by teacher’s associations and are tools used by teachers. Even though I found a few that were exactly…

Getting the most out of Journalism and Social Media

Adina Grodsky February 20, 2015 When searching through twitter regarding the UNC shooting that happened this past week (-2 weeks) I came across some tweets that were speculating what was happening and direct tweets towards people trying to explain the event. While searching harder through twitter, I came upon a string of tweets titled “What…

what is your major?

my major is Chinese Language and I want to focus on learning how to do research in this category because it’s harder to find sources for a language course. This is what also made it hard to find databases for the previous homework, and as a result I only found one relating to Asian studies…

Conducting Scholarly Research in International Studies/Chinese Language

Adina Grodsky Library Research Homework February 12, 2015   Conducting Scholarly Research in International Studies/Chinese The only database I found that pertains to my major is “Bibliography of Asian Studies”.  The topic I’m going to use is Chinese language, as it is my intended major (international studies is my intended minor). The key terms that…