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Research Interview

Adam Jones Coll 220 3/18/2016   For my interview, I spoke with my advisor, Professor Eric Galm. I asked him about the research that he did while working as an Ethnomusicologist. Initially, I only asked questions based on whether or not he enjoyed the work that he does in his field, but by the end…

About Me

Adam Jones Coll 220 About Me   My name is Adam Jones, and I am a Junior at Trinity College. I was originally an Engineering major but ended up being a Music major. One of the reasons I chose Trinity was simply because of the networking possibilities. I knew of a few people that had…

Using Databases

Adam Jones   When I researched the keyword “brainwashing” using Google, most of the results that I got were wikipedia articles, google books, and other very popular websites. On the other hand, when I used WorldCat’s advanced search with the years “1950 through 1979”, most of my search results were books. Trinity Library only had…

February 26th Assignment

Adam Jones Coll 220 2/26/2016   When I first searched for the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the results that I got were mostly what different candidates are doing to resolve it or not. However, after looking for a bit I found a blog called Flint Water Study Updates. This blog was a collection of updates…

Analyzing the Legitimacy of Sources

Adam Jones Coll 220 2/26/2016   Being a music major, I haven’t had many opportunities to do research assignments. If I had to, the first thing I would do is look at the sources at the bottom of the webpage, like in Wikipedia. If it is some other type of website, I would just compare…

Primary Research

Adam Jones Coll 220 3/4/2016   1.     I used the website PsycINFO to find my primary research. 2.     The author of this research is Nicholas P. Spanos. 3.     The research is from 2001. 4.     The material that the research pertains to discusses where multiple personality really comes from and whether or not it’s actually a…