February 26th Assignment

Adam Jones

Coll 220



  1. When I first searched for the Flint, Michigan water crisis, the results that I got

were mostly what different candidates are doing to resolve it or not. However, after looking for a bit I found a blog called Flint Water Study Updates. This blog was a collection of updates about the crisis living by someone who says that they themselves were residents of Flint during this crisis. A quick google search on the blog author’s name reveals that she was there indeed, judging from the several dozen news posts about her being one of the first people to actually expose the water problem. She seems to be posting from a Democratic viewpoint, as a couple of the blog posts are hearings done by members of the Democratic party. It doesn’t seem like she’s saying anything out of the ordinary. She is just posting these updates as a very concerned resident herself and wants the problem to be solved as quick as possible.

When using a traditional news sources (I used Google News), the results that I got were quite different. There weren’t really any posts made by concerned citizens that only focused on what was being done to solve the water crisis. Rather, almost every result I got was a post about what some candidate was doing wrong or what some other candidate was doing right in order to fix the crisis. I would definitely say that this would not be better for academic purposes, as it was completely filled by very biased news sources that were all saying different things. This, however, is most likely because of the presidential election process that is going on currently, and so that is all that media outlets are talking about.