Research Interview

Adam Jones

Coll 220



For my interview, I spoke with my advisor, Professor Eric Galm. I asked him about the research that he did while working as an Ethnomusicologist. Initially, I only asked questions based on whether or not he enjoyed the work that he does in his field, but by the end I started to ask more specific questions about his research. Although he is an Ethnomusicologist, most of the research that he does has to do with the history of various cultures. So in his line of work, research usually comes in the form of history books or files pulled from archives or something similar. This isn’t always the case, however. Being an Ethnomusicologist means learning all that one can about the culture that they are interested in, so a lot of times it requires going to the actual location that contains the culture and meeting the people that live there.

There was a lot more that went into researching cultures than I expected. I had a few classes with Professor Galm before this interview and he had brought in various people native to a certain culture. I naively assumed that all he did was meet people on various visitations to different countries, and that his research probably only comprised of doing this. Having this interview with him today proved differently, and I was happy to find out how much work and passion Professor Galm really puts into his research.