I never imagined myself traveling across Europe. It was definitely on my bucket list, but it never occurred to me as a possibility during my time at Trinity. Now, here I am in Barcelona indulging in a life changing experience.

In my brief posts I hope to provide a sneak peak into what my life has been during the four months I have spent in a new country. Despite being a native Spanish speaker this city has taught me so much about culture and identity. I find it important to make this comment because often study abroad can be seen as a way to improve a language. It certainly can, but it also offers so much more. In addition to this I came to Barcelona without worrying about my major(s). Most of my peers came as Hispanic Studies Major/Minors or International Studies Majors. I am a Psychology Major with a double minor in Rhetoric and French. Completely different, I know, but I like to think that my unique situation has added value to the discussions.

During my time abroad I have been placed completely outside my comfort zone, and have began to use skills I never knew I had (like a reading a map per say). Navigating unknown territory can be daunting and intimidating, but once you have started it is so much easier to make it to the “end.” I say end only because each program does come to a finish, but it can just as well be the doorway to a lifetime of adventures and trips.

Feel free to reach out with questions or comment on any of my posts. Just like many others, my time abroad has been a joyous experience thus far, and I am always happy to share my story with others.

Right Next to Palau Jordi
Right Next to Palau Jordi

Five Reason the Bus is Better than the Metro

Back in Chicago I hated buses. Why? Well, they take too long, they deal with real traffic, they’re not as big, and they always seemed packed. However, after some time in Barcelona my views on this have changed. I now LOVE the bus, and would take it over the Metro any day! Here is why:…

From Busy to Serene

From the minute I set foot on Trinity’s campus, I have been an active member of multiple organizations. In addition to that I have also had a full course load and a couple of on campus jobs. Needless to say, I enjoyed keeping myself VERY busy. Part of it was because I am just that…

Why Barcelona?

I had no idea I would be doing my semester abroad in Barcelona. In fact, I had began the process to be abroad in Paris. However, as the deadline drew closer I knew Barcelona was the place I needed to be in. It began with a deep, and almost crazy, passion for the FC Barcelona…

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