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First Day at Trinity College

My name is Abby Painchaud and I am a first-year at Trinity College. I chose to attend Trinity because of its small size, its student-teacher ratio, and its location. Trinity has been a perfect fit for me; every one of my professors knows my name and I meet with each of them on a regular basis. In addition, I have joined several clubs such as the Student Activities Council, and a community service club, and feel like I am already making a difference on campus. The opportunity for me to flourish in a small and enriching environment will benefit me in the future. I am constantly making connections with various students, faulty members, and alumni, and I know that all of these connections will contribute to my expanding Trinity network. Trinity has already started to prepare me for my future successes with its serious concentration in writing, studying abroad, and interning. I look forward to taking advantage of all of the various opportunities that will arise for me here at Trinity College.