Lessons Throughout this semester, from the movies, class, and reading Northouse’s book, I have learned many things that have changed my perspective in terms of leadership. From the movie “Fury”, I learned that sometimes you have to be harsh when you take on a leadership role. From Northouse’s book, I recognized that leadership can be […]

Avery Rowland Saving Private Ryan/Platoon

Saving Private Ryan/ Platoon  Leaders are bound to face many challenges throughout their leadership experience. Obstacles are often thrown at leaders, and they are forced to make difficult decisions while having keep in mind what is best for their followers. In Saving Private Ryan, Captain Miller is faced with a difficult situation when he has […]

A Bridge Too Far

Avery Rowland  Professor Powell  FYSM 11 October 2019   A Bridge Too Far Path-goal theory studies how leaders motivate their followers to reach designated goals. Two types of leadership behaviors in the Path-Goal theory are Directive and Achievement-Oriented Leadership. Directive leadership “characterizes a leader who gives followers instructions about their task, including what is expected […]

Paper number 1 Revised (partner Elizabeth)

Avery Rowland Professor Powell  Leadership, War and Hollywood  26 September 2019   Mike Simmerman   Many people assume that select individuals are born to be inherent leaders with innate skills, traits, and characteristics. I believe leaders are not born with the ability to lead but develop their leadership skills over time. Throughout Leadership Theory and Practice […]


Avery Rowland Professor Powell FYSM 20 Septemer 2019 In Leadership Theory and Practice, by Northouse, the Behavioral approach is introduced as a way to study leadership. The behavioral approach “emphasizes the behavior of the leader” (Northouse 74), “focuses exclusively on what leaders do and how they act” (Northouse 74) and purpose is “to explain how […]