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  • What made you choose to attend Trinity College?
  • What strengths do you have that will help you to be successful?
  • What kind of skills do you need to develop to help you become a successful Trinity student?
  • What honors or awards have you received?
  • Are you a member of any clubs? Do you do volunteer work somewhere?
  • What does life after Trinity ideally have in store for you?

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Since working with Professor Kamola on my thesis I realized that he uses many of the same techniques that I have used for writing my thesis. The first example is that in starting his research he tries to make sure he goes through all of the information there is written about the topic. This helps…

Primary Research by Discipline

The database is named Data-Planet The FDIC published the data. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) 2016 The dataset presents a graph of all the available income tax money generated between 2000 and 2016 This example is primary research because the data was collected by the FDIC and then published.–2z-KBRmzbl8n_7cMDXRVLy5ByU3FtYUI2GkLwrKYqxbY8ueu7xMBH9_A%3D

How to evaluate research

You should firstly be looking at peer reviewed academic articles. These are likely coming from colleges that publish the information. If they are opinion pieces or blogs you should always be mindful of this and check the facts on official websites or in books that have been published by reputable sources. When reviewing peer reviewed…

Blog vs. News Article

What to watch at tonight’s Republican debate in Houston The first piece is much more opinion based and the second piece has more evidence backing many of the claims. I think the Washington Post piece also is inherently opinion based but makes claims based on specific quotes and then takes into account poll numbers and…


The experience was good but a little overwhelming because of all the people that I met with. I wasn’t expecting such a long interview but the questions were pretty expected. At one point I met a person who went to my high school and knew me through watching a basketball game during our alumni days….