CHAS Membership

The Consortium operates in a way that builds on our commonalities as liberal arts colleges and universities. We believe in the collective study of our challenges as highly selective institutions and the development of solutions that are transferable among our members. We are engaged in a dialogue among peers as we work to transform our institutions into inclusive learning environments.

Schools interested in joining CHAS can determine if they meet the following criteria:

  • Liberal arts college or university
  • Undergraduate population smaller than 5,500
  • Highly selective admissions practices

Presidents should be willing to commit to CHAS membership for three years in order to ensure that there is sufficient time to become an engaged participant in our collaborative work and to gain benefits from active participation. The president will select institutional representatives who report directly to them, and/or who are able to engage the entire campus community in relevant CHAS opportunities.

Please contact us to learn more about joining CHAS: