Consortium Representatives Meetings
Twice per year, CHAS brings together all of their Member Institution representatives for a meeting to discuss best practices, improve networking opportunities among the institutions, and to provide updates within CHAS.

Faculty Forums
CHAS facilitates meaningful exchanges on the creation of inclusive learning environments for faculty on an annual basis. Each year a different CHAS Member Institution acts as the host for the Forum. The invited participants vary by year. Some years may be designed with STEM faculty, and some years may be focused on the humanities or social sciences. The discussions will center on the design and implementation of courses based on how students learn. All faculty from CHAS Member Institutions are invited to present their research during this conference.

Targeted Professionals Meetings
CHAS hosts a series of meetings designed to engage specific administrative departments who students encounter when they matriculate on Member Institution campuses. The purpose of these meetings are to discuss the improvement of multicultural competency, determining the degree to which their office is meeting the needs of underrepresented students, and sharing best practices.  Past meetings have included career counselors, athletics directors, and psychological counselors.

Black and Latino Males Conferences
The purpose of the this conference is to provide a safe space for Black and Latino males to network, learn leadership skills, and constructively discuss issues they face as an underrepresented student.  Students who attend this conference become campus leaders and continue their record of high academic achievement.