“Stereotype Threat”
Dr. Steven Stroessner, Professor of Psychology at Barnard
College, utilized a CHAS faculty grant to develop a resource for faculty, teachers, students, and the general public interested in the phenomenon of stereotype threat: www.reducingstereotypethreat.org

Advising Students
Estella Bensimon, director of the Center for Urban Education at the University of Southern California and leader of the Equity Scorecard Project authored an article on the role of advising in the success of students of color: “The Underestimated Significance of Practitioner Knowledge in the Scholarship of Student Success.”

Mentoring Faculty
The Modern Language Association offers guidelines for  the recruitment, mentoring, and evaluation of junior faculty members of color in: “Guidelines for Good Practice by the Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the US and Canada”

High Achievement
Three papers commissioned by AACU as part of the Making Excellence Inclusive initiative:
Inclusive Excellence PDF file

The Teagle Foundation, in it’s 2006 working group white paper “Eliminating Racial Disparities in College Completion and Achievement: Current Ideas, New Ideas and Assessment”, offers a list of best practices.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers online resources for educators in the sciences at: http://www.hhmi.org/resources/educators