Cheyenne Brindle

Associate Professor of Chemistry

B.S. Reed College

Ph.D. Stanford University

Organic Chemistry

Office:  Clement 111 and 202

Research Lab:  Clement 112


Telephone:  860-297-2479

Trinity College Faculty Profile

One Response to Cheyenne Brindle

  1. Dear Cheyenne — I am writing on behalf of the Portland ACS Section, which gave you a scholarship in 2001 when you were a student at Reed College. We have been doing this for 50 years now, and the section is trying to track down all the former recipients we can find. We are planning a big celebration next summer. I am writing at this point to ask you to share a mailing address with me so that future communication will be easier. Thank you!

    Best Wishes
    Martha Dibblee
    Portland ACS Newsletter Editor

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