Dr. Jane Eva Baxter’s lecture on Bahamian archaeology

On February 12 2018 we were treated to a visit by Dr. Jane Eva Baxter, who delivered an Archaeological Institute of America lecture about her work on the archaeology of plantations in the Bahamas, entitled “What Happens When You Lose a Revolution? Plantation and Post-Emancipation Life in the Bahamas.” The lecture was co-sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America – Hartford chapter, the Center for Caribbean Studies, and the department of Classics. My personal favorite part of Dr. Baxter’s presentation was when she talked to us about some of the graffiti that she found in one of the plantations (below). Noting the height of this set of graffiti, Dr. Baxter pointed out that these drawings of ships were likely made by and/or for children. Thank you, Dr. Baxter!


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