La MaMa Performance Group Talks Their Trojan Women Project!

“Because it is not in any one language and because the events that happen in the piece
involve the audience…it doesn’t seem to belong to any one culture, and yet there’s room for many people to bring their own cultural experience into it.”

The La MaMa performance group, which is housed in the Great Jones Repertory Theater in New York City, visited the Trinity campus on April 5 2018. Kim Ima and Onni Johnson (below) spoke to us about their experiences with La MaMa’s “The Trojan Women Project.” The project began in 1974 with a performance of part of Euripides’ fifth-century BC ancient Greek play Trojan Women. The following year, La MaMa began going to places around the globe, like Guatemala and Cambodia, to connect with local performance groups. La MaMa’s goal was to help those groups conceptualize how Trojan Women could be adapted to relate to their own experience of conflict.

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