Second Colloquium Meeting

The Community Learning Initiative Fellows Second Colloquium Meeting focused on solidifying the research ideas and project designs. For the Second Colloquium, I prepared a set of questions for Minh and Minh Anh, who are pairing with Achieve Hartford and Hartford Public Schools to understand the relationship between demographics and school choice. I suggested adding an additional component to understand potential “costs” in the school choice process, as school choice is technically a free education option; however, confounding factors such as the cost of transportation or additional travel time impact an individual’s ability to participate in school choice. The exchange of questions and group reviews serves to benefit the Community Learning Initiative Fellows.

Because the projects vary in terms of content, it is beneficial to have another perspective. For example, Minh and Minh Anh reviewed my project design and highlighted the various strengths and weaknesses. In the original project design I did not effectively communicate the relationship between my project and the Community Partner, Avery Heights Senior Living Community. My project is examining the social stigmas in aging in the context of prospective memory decline, in addition to examining the Memory for Intentions Screening Test (M.I.S.T.), a validated prospective memory test, to understand prospective memory and aging in real life contexts. In collaboration with the Avery Heights Senior Living Community, I will be administering the M.I.S.T. to healthy adults over the age of sixty, in addition to conducting open-ended interviews. This information in turn will be used to produce a report to understand how service delivery is impacted by stigmas in the Senior Day Center for the Avery Heights Senior Living Community. Minh and Minh Anh’s review lead to the beneficial changes, in which I was able to communicate the significance of the project for my community partner.

Most importantly, the second colloquium meeting served to create further questions for Fellows to consider over the next month. As reviewers offered critiques, Fellows will be sure to keep this in mind as they develop tasks to accomplish over the next month. I am really looking forward to the next Community Learning Initiative Fellows meeting to see the progress everyone has made and in particular to see ┬áMinh and Minh Anh’s school choice findings. In conclusion, the second colloquium meeting developed final project designs, contributed to research questions, and aided in connecting the significance of the project to the Community Partner.

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